Salima Ellyse Barrow ( Artist) 

Born on April 4th, 2005. She is a student of Hummingbird Elementary School in Belize City and is in Std. V. (Grade 7)

Salima is a very outgoing girl and enjoys a number of extra-curricular activities; including playing the piano and guitar, painting, playing football and volleyball. She likes nature and animals, especially her dog Sparky - a schnauzer. Salima loves to travel- her favorite country so far is Japan. Salima is a water girl - it's her happy place! She enjoys swimming, snorkeling or just being on the beach.

From a very young age, Salima has also shown interest in helping others and came up with the idea of the Limeade stand when she was only 7 years old to help children with cancer. Salima , along with her friends have raised over 10,000.00 which was donated to Belize Cancer Society and the Dangriga Cancer center.

Make a difference....

A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of The Universe Through My Eyes artwork by Salima Ellyse Barrow will go to Dangriga Cancer Center and Placencia Humane Society