A country nestled in the heart of Central America with a deep connection to the Caribbean through shared history and culture, Belize is able to boast the best of both worlds. Our country is home to remarkable remnants of the ancient Maya civilization, an English - speaking populous with a medley of cultures peacefully coexisting, cuisine, art and music that inspires, and a tranquil disposition that will leave you feeling revitalized and relaxed. 

In just under 9,000 sq. mi. our geography includes dense forests complete with mysterious caves, sink holes, winding rivers, waterfalls and endless possibilities for adventure. Combined with the sandy shores, the impressive collection of small islands, the stunning coral reef and turquoise-blue waters we enjoy through being bordered by The Caribbean Sea, there are endless options for phenomenal adventure and experiences throughout the country. 

Teaming with culture, Belize is often referred to as a “melting pot”, largely contributed to the amalgamation of cultures that have settled here within such a small geography thus fusing in the most interesting of ways. The Maya, Creoles, Garinagu, Mennonites, and East Indian to name a few; each culture contributing facets of their culture, which includes art, cuisine, beliefs and ways of life, to this melting pot. To refer to Belize as “diverse”, is somewhat of an understatement.