Top 5 Instagram Pictures of Placencia

January 17, 2019

5. A Beautiful Day

Instagram: @theellysian

Sometimes you just need sand, sun, sea breeze and salt water to feel like a new person. Placencia offers all that and more along with astonishing scenery, stunning landscapes and the vibrant beauty of nature.

4. A Double Rainbow


Who says magic only happens in fairy tales? Everyday Placencia makes its very own magic, so let’s find that pot of gold at the end of that rainbow and turn your fairytales into reality.

3. Underwater Wildlife


Placencia is the one place you can start your morning off hanging out with a sea turtle. The beauty of its underwater wildlife will cast a spell that will capture a special place in your heart and fill it with joy and wonder.

2. A Gorgeous Waterfall

Instagram: @chloemarkle

Sandy beaches and roaring waterfalls…you can be full tropical one day and sit under a roaring waterfall the next, here in Placencia. Which would you do first? Get your feet sandy on the beach or listen to the melody of the waterfall?

1. A Stunning Hotel View

Instagram: @theellysian

There is something about a pool at sunset that calms the mind and brings peace to the soul, and this view from The Ellysian does just that. The stillness of the water and the reflection of the trees swaying in the wind put you in a trance that frees your thoughts and opens your eyes to the beauty of nature.