Herb Garden

“In the garden”

Our very own small herb garden provides the quint essential flavour to our bar drinks. At the Ellysian, our herb garden is not just the flavour, but rather the aroma, color, and texture to our beautifully crafted menus. The herb garden sets the tone for our signature drinks from dawn til’ dust. We have managed to sprinkle a few of these characters into our bar snacks as well.

Out team prepares the bushes of lemongrass, locally known as fever-grass” that surrounds the herb garden daily use throughout the hotel. This aromatic healer has been one of the most famous local teas in Belize. Our diverse ethnicities each uses it for their own reasons, whether it is to cure a fever, set the stomach for the day or even to wake up” everyone in the house with its aroma. This is our Folgers!

Want to taste the blend of sage, mint, lemongrass and basil with alcoholic beverages; we have no shortage of that on our cocktail list! Our signature drinks are all herb infused. Pairing with the local fruits and tones of each spirits, this artisanship displays the modern elegance with a Caribbean charm.

The earthy tone of our daily picked sage paired with our pineapple salsa serves up a refreshing chips and salsa. The garden-fresh sweet basil and mint finishes our tropical snacks. The herb garden is a source of ethnic ingredients within our menus.