Turn Down Service

After a relaxing walk in the village or dining at one of the First Lady’s choice for dinner, we welcome you to bed with a perfect setting for your night’s rest. It is our way of saying good night. It is where we take time to check on small amenities in room to ensure you will have a complete night’s with heavenly dreams.

Spa Treatments

At the Ellysian, peace and mediation is the center of all things. We offer both in room and beachside massages. Our signature use of Eucalyptus oils and infusers brings a calm to you both mentally and physically. Opening up your breathing paths and welcoming the nature of the fresh Caribbean Sea leaves you afloat for your stay here with us. Be sure to try our signature seaweed wrap after a long  hike or simply a Swedish massage after a long flight.

Mini Bar

Enjoy a few drinks from the privacy of your balcony while overlooking the beach or the whispers of chit-chatting of passers-by. The mini bar can be stocked (upon request) with both local and internal wines, spirits and chasers. If you have a special request, feel free to let us know.

Champagne Hour

In a celebratory mood, feel free to let us organize a champagne hour for you and your guests. Whether be a couple, family of 5 or group of 20, our Champagne hour can tailor to your needs. Pair this with local entertainment and enjoy a true cultural Belize immersion.

Beach Toys

Ready to have fun in the sun? Be sure to take a paddleboat or kayak and cruise the coast of the peninsula to the point peint”. Lookout for manatees and fish along the way. Create amazing memories as you venture off to wander the coast of Belize.