Top 6 Tours In Belize

November 22, 2018

Waterfall Rappelling – Caves Branch

Located in the country’s western Cayo District, including the Thousand Foot Falls that sends a tremendous cascade of water plunging more than 1,600 feet into the valley below holds Belize’s most magnificent waterfalls. Experience the chills and thrills swimming in the clear water. Climb to the top to see the view that will forever be painted in your mind.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve – Caye Caulker

The little mermaid isn’t the only one that can visit the underwater forest. Diving, snorkeling are just a few things you can do under water. Wave the little fishes, hug a shark and even see sea cows (manatees). Come and experience a whole new world.

Sky Diving Blue Hole – San Pedro

The best view you can get and the rush of your life. If you’re an adrenaline junkie or just looking for some extreme excitement with a beautiful view, try skydiving into the blue hole.

Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave Tour (ATM)- Cayo District

Experience first hand, the uniqueness of the Maya civilization as you face this archeological site filled with the ceramics and stoneware from the Maya inhabitants and even their very own human remains. View the famous “Crystal Maiden” whose remains are almost fully crystalized and the victims of ritualistic human sacrifices of the Maya ceremonies and their practices.

Whale Shark Diving and Snorkeling-Southern Belize

Dive in and join these majestic giants as they soar through the water at the Gladden Split Area in Belize. Don’t be intimidated by their size for these filter feeders do not pose any significant threat to humans as they eat plankton and microscopic creatures that float in the sea. So come and experience swimming with these gentle giants for yourself, just watch out for their tails.

Caracol, Big Rock Falls & Rio On Pools- Pine Ridge

Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve has some of the most astonishing tours in Belize.Treat your eyes to the mini waterfalls of Rio On Pools as the clear cool water mesmerizes you. Even if it is scaling the Maya Ruins of Caracol or just viewing its temples and tombs filled with artifacts, Pine Ridge offers the most authentic experiences it could supply. Viewing the giant granite boulders of Big Rock Fall itself is a site that you will take with you in your mind wherever else you go. Swimming in its stream will give your heart beat a whole new rhythm.